CAIF 2022

CAIF 2022 Overview

The Clean Air International Forum is a place to establish an East Asian community to

actively respond to the impact of air pollution that crosses borders.

Gyeonggi Province will celebrate the Day of Blue Sky by holding this forum with UNEP.

Also, Gyeonggi will cooperate with the Korean Society for Indoor Environment and the Korean Society of Environmental Health to hold International Symposium for discussing air quality improvement and public health protection professionally with domestic and foreign academics, East Asian local governments, and environmental NGOs.

The purpose of CAIF 2022 Clean Air International Forum
- Joint discussion to actively respond to the effect of air pollution and discuss technical policy agendas for establishing an East Asia Clean Air community, clean air, and protecting national health with domestic and foreign academics, East Asian local governments, and environmental NGOs

-Raising international status as an environmentally advanced city and enhancing efforts to improve the air quality of Gyeonggi Province and Gyeonggi residents by co-hosting and cooperating with international organizations and academic societies
CAIF 2022 Expected Effect
What is APCAP?

Background: The need for the role of mechanisms for coordination of clean air programs in the region and cooperation between countries emerged in 2015.

Purpose: Cooperation/promotion partnership of 17 member states/regions to create a clean atmosphere in the Asia-Pacific region.

* Nepal, New Zealand, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Afghanistan, Iran, India, Japan, Cambodia, Thailand, Pakistan, Philippines, Korea, Gyeonggi Province

Key roles:

- Operating and provides a Science Panel/Report platform for sharing knowledge of air pollution causes, policies, and technologies in the Asia-Pacific region.

-Identifying solutions for clean air, such as strengthening agency capabilities, technical support for air quality management, and air quality assessment

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